Everything New is Old Again

As of March 2014, the Russian government has banned access to a number of news websites and blogs that express oppositional views. This is the latest in a series of moves designed to place all media under state control so that communication can be filtered according to the state’s agenda. The existence of a free … continue reading »

Annie Lighthart and Kasey Jueds

2014-04-15 LNC Lightheart-Jueds

Welcome to Late Night Conversation. This week we we’re featuring a special episode that spotlights a new reading series at Glyph Café and Arts Space in Portland. Glyph’s mission is to provide a crossroads where Portland’s diverse visual and literary arts communities can gather to share ideas and projects. Their poetry and art pairings strive to encourage … continue reading »

Dog-Eared and Dispatched


Greetings, literary citizens. The bad, the ugly, and the uncertain comprise this week’s news update, I’m afraid. We begin by investigating Amazon’s budding partnership with the digital comics platform known as ComiXology. Next, we examine how Barnes and Noble is faring after Liberty Media cuts their financial ties to the bookstore. Following this, we preview … continue reading »

Rookie Report

Rookie Banner_Harun

In mountain towns, children play a game called Devil’s Hopscotch. Perhaps it’s a game that’s played everywhere, under different names. It goes like this: One player chooses a marker—a fork-shaped stick, a piece of reddish shale, a furred leaf that resembles the torn ear of a dead cat. The marker is set upon a square … continue reading »

Leah Umansky

2014-04-10 LNNY Leah Umansky

Welcome to Late Night New York. This month we feature Leah Umansky, author of the poetry chapbook, Don Dreams and I Dream, and a full-length collection, Domestic Uncertainties. Late Night New York is the fruit of our collaborations with the Franklin Park Reading Series in Brooklyn, New York. Listen here… Subscribe on iTunes Listen at Stitcher SmartRadio ABOUT … continue reading »

Late Night Vlog: Book Trailers

Aileen shares her opinion on book trailers and the future of lit-related videos. Fangirl scene adaptation from Yulin Kuang’s “I Didn’t Write This” series Playlist of book trailers Subscribe to our YouTube channel for updates!