2014 Debut-litzer Prize Judges

2014-10-30 - LND - Debutlitzer Judges(1)

Welcome to our October 2014 episode of Late Night Debut. This month we feature the literary judges and readers from our 2014 Debut-litzer competition, in conversation about the winning books. Act 1: Host Amber Keller covers entertaining book stories in the news and upcoming debuts Act 2: Leni Zumas and Sarah Marshall discuss Sarah Gerkensmeyer’s debut short story collection, What … continue reading »

2014 Debut-litzer Prize Winners

2014-10-30 - LND - Debutlitzer Winners

Welcome to the annual episode of Late Night Conversation featuring the winning authors of the Debut-litzer Prizes. The 2014 competition garnered more entries than any previous year. $1,000 prizes were awarded in the categories of fiction and poetry. Visit the Debut-litzer Prizes for information about the 2015 competition. We’re currently accepting submissions in fiction, poetry, and … continue reading »

“I wanted to provide a road map to hope.” In conversation with Karelia Stetz-Waters


Her black eyes flew upward and caught mine. Her face remained expressionless. She took my hand in hers, and we danced to those hard, angry songs. We barely touched. Only the outline of our movements intersected. She leaned back, and I leaned forward. She drew an arc in the air, and I followed her motion … continue reading »

Dog-Eared & Dispatched

Dog-Eared and Dispatched: October 26, 2014

This week in our rundown of book culture, we’ve got the latest on publisher/Amazon agreements (and we’re not talking Hachette, for once), a discussion of profits, and the what’s happening with Barnes & Noble. A modest collection of footnotes rounds things out. The big news in publishing this week is that Simon & Schuster has … continue reading »

(M)addie, a webcomic



Ailish Hopper


The Good Caucasian                           [It’s] the ghost in me coming out. —Lee ‘Scratch’ Perry When forty acres have besieged my brow, and a mule and a winter, cold as Ice Cube, I try a remembrance of things, floating past— Miss Daisy, and her necklace of fingerpointing         Title pages On the South   now squares of ash centers embering If … continue reading »