Radhika Sanghani


As I read Radhika Sanghani’s debut book, Virgin, I quite literally laughed out loud. All at once, I was reminded of the awkward years my girlfriends and I spent discovering ourselves and what it means to be a woman. I felt like another of Ellie’s friends, listening to the hilarious situations she finds herself in. … continue reading »

Wayne Harrison

2014-07-31 LND Wayne Harrison

Welcome to our July 2014 episode of Late Night Debut. This month’s extra-long episode features Wayne Harrison’s debut novel, The Spark and the Drive, from St. Martin’s Press. “This novel vividly renders the cult-like world of muscle car enthusiasts, but the author’s ultimate concerns are the sparks and misfires of the human heart. Wayne Harrison is an exciting … continue reading »

Josh Ostergaard

2014-07-28 LNC Josh Ostergaard

Welcome to Late Night Conversation. Tonight our featured guest is Josh Ostergaard, author of The Devil’s Snake Curve (Coffee House Press, 2014). The Devil’s Snake Curve offers an alternative American history in which colonialism, jingoism, capitalism, and faith are represented by baseball. Personal and political, it twines Japanese internment camps with the Yankees; Walmart with the … continue reading »

Keetje Kuipers


Jonathan Plays in the Key of E Which makes me weep. Which makes me press my face into the bear skin rug. Makes me remember my body’s shadow crossing the shallows of the lake. Could I touch bottom? Reach the lowest point and find my footing there? Around me, everything divines a way of making … continue reading »

Dog-Eared & Dispatched

Dog-eared and Dispatched: July 27

In this week’s rundown of the world of book culture, we take a look at the Man Booker Prize longlist (which is a bit of a sausage fest), as well as briefly summing up some of the issues surrounding net neutrality. What round-up of book news would be complete without mention of Amazon, Hachette, and … continue reading »

Geffrey Davis


My Last Love Poem for a Crackhead, #23 some nights I hear my father’s long romance with drugs echoed in the skeletal choir of crickets. At each approach, a silence cuts in. And I wonder which part speaks more to this dance with addiction: the frailty of concord or the hard certainty of the coda’s … continue reading »