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Scott Hutchins’s A Working Theory of Love

Welcome to our June episode of Late Night Debut. This month we feature Scott Hutchins’s novel, A Working Theory of Love—a clever book about living, loving, and losing in the 21st century. “Every once in a while a novel comes along and speaks to a generation of men, making a joke of the notion that they don’t read fiction the way women supposedly do: for self-preservation, for growth, for the that’s-just-like-me factor,” wrote The Guardian. “Think Fight Club without the bravado.”

Act 1: Host Paul Martone covers controversial and entertaining book stories in the news
Act 2: 
Co-host authors and literary couple Emily Chenoweth and Jon Raymond discuss Scott’s debut
Act 3: 
Paul talks with Scott about a recent trip to Rome and reading with Jennifer Egan, studying with Charles Baxter and Tobias Wolff, the novel as a repository for daily observations, the Turing test, and Scott’s literary approach to artificial intelligence.

I was leaving Dolores Park one day and I saw this couple kind of peering into each other’s eyes with great intense romantic love…and I thought that’s kind of beautiful, you don’t see that every day, and as I was walking up the hill the girl kind of cried out, she said ow!, and she put her hand on her nose, and I looked more closely and I saw that the boy was actually holding a pair of tweezers and he was plucking one of her nose hairs.”

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About Scott:

Scott Hutchins is a former Truman Capote fellow in the Wallace Stegner Program at Stanford University. He is the recipient of two major Hopwood awards and the Andrea Beauchamp prize in short fiction. A Working Theory of Love (Penguin Press) is his first novel.

About our co-hosts:

Chenowith_Raymond_6-27-13Emily Chenoweth is the author of Hello Goodbye (2009) and a former fiction editor of Publishers Weekly. Her work has appeared in Tin House, Bookforum, and People, among other publications.

Jon Raymond is the author of two novels, The Half-Life (2004) and Rain Dragon (2012), and the short story collection Livability (2008), winner of the Oregon Book Award. He is also a screenwriter with credits including Wendy and Lucy, Meek’s Cutoff, Mildred Pierce, and the forthcoming Night Moves.

Thanks for listening, and most of all, for reading.


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