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Andrew Worthington – WALLS

Late Night New York, hosted by Sonia Weiser in collaboration with the Franklin Park Reading Series in Brooklyn, NY.

This week’s podcast features Andrew Worthington, author of the recently released novel WALLS.

In this podcast, Andrew reads from a short essay, “The MFA in Mixed Martial Arts,” a poem, “I Had An Out-Of-Body Experience As I Stared At My Chili Burger,” and of course, his novel WALLS.

Andrew reads:

I went up to my room. I sat on my bed listening to rap music. I started reading the Wikipedia page for  Spinoza. I got distracted with Facebook. I kept looking at photos of my friends. I tried to return my attention to the biography, but I was tired and lazy and the effort of moving the mouse and clicking the tab and reading it seemed too great to draw me away from gazing at people I hardly knew getting drunk and posing for photos.

The section about Spinoza’s upbringing in Holland was on my screen when I woke up. I clicked on Facebook. I saw Chelsea was online. I had gone on some dates with her a few  years before. Her profile said she was engaged. I already knew this…

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ANDREW DUNCAN WORTHINGTON is the author of the novel WALLS (Civil Coping Mechanisms, 2014) and the poetry e-book HOT DOGS! (NAP, 2014). He also edits and publishes the micro-press Keep This Bag Away From Children ( He works as a teacher and lives in Brooklyn with his girlfriend.

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