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Dog-Eared and Dispatched: November 1, 2015

"The Skunk" by Mac Barnett. Illustrated by Patrick McDonnell.
Now that you’re waking up from your Halloween hangover, take a look at what’s been happening in the book world …continue reading →

November 1, 2015

Dog-eared and Dispatched: October 25, 2015

Excerpt from the "wicked" Bible
After the exciting and exhausting work of hosting All Fines Forgiven, we are taking a break this week to enjoy …continue reading →

October 25, 2015

Dog-eared and Dispatched: October 18, 2015

Companies are people, too...
Google wins out over the Authors Guild in a historic Fair Use decision, while publishing industry diversity continues to be …continue reading →

October 18, 2015

Dog-eared and Dispatched: October 11, 2015

In this week’s industry roundup, Bella has become Beau, Jacob has become Julie, and Edward has become Edythe. But more …continue reading →

October 11, 2015

Dog-Eared and Dispatched: October 4, 2015

E-book subscription services may be seeing the black hole at the end of the tunnel, but fantasy fans can at …continue reading →

October 4, 2015

Dog-Eared and Dispatched: September 27, 2015

Smashed Kindle by Scurzuzu via Flickr Creative Common
Print ain’t dead! Maybe e-books are? Except they aren’t—although perhaps they aren’t dominating the way some predictions expected. Following that …continue reading →

September 27, 2015

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