Late Night Library

Chloe Benjamin

In our third year, though, a lunar eclipse brought us together. Mr. Cooke, our physics teacher, had been talking it …continue reading →

September 19, 2014

Melissa Mylchreest

For Jolene            b. December 10, 2010, Pablo, MT Scrap, small leaving of a night and its wild biology            hound-bodies unfenced …continue reading →

September 12, 2014

Michael Cho

Late Night Library: Summarize your book in 10 words or fewer. Michael Cho: Smart young woman is caught between inertia …continue reading →

September 5, 2014

Michael Pitre

My eyes adjust and I see the convoy in front of me. Four Humvees and two seven-ton trucks. I understand …continue reading →

August 29, 2014

Christina Nichol

Dear Hillary, Your version of Democracy and our version are quite different. Our version means if the leader says something …continue reading →

August 22, 2014

Tania Malik

Madan jerked his head up and down in a gesture he hoped conveyed deference. His father’s lips twisted into what …continue reading →

August 15, 2014

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