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Henry Reese and Diane Samuels – City of Asylum

Late Night Conversation, hosted by Doug Silver

Tonight, Doug talks to Henry Reese and Diane Samuels, the co-founders of City of Asylum/Pittsburgh, an organization that provides sanctuary to endangered literary writers. Doug, Henry, and Diane discuss what incited their mission, how it is expanded beyond their imagination, and the commitment to literature it has imparted on the Pittsburgh community.

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Like Salman Rushdie said, ‘When oppression comes in, (literary) writers are the first ones to be persecuted because literary writers imagine the future.’…and that’s the sole most threatening thing to anybody who’s an authoritarian trying to freeze a vision of what society is like.

About our guests

Ralph Henry Reese, co-founder, President

Co-founder and President of City of Asylum/Pittsburgh and Publisher of Sampsonia Way magazine, Henry Reese is former principal in Reese Brothers and Communications & Commerce. A Northside resident since 1978, he serves as Treasurer of Cave Canem: A Home for Black Poetry, and is a member of the Pittsburgh Cultural Trust Programming Advisory Committee.

Diane Samuels, co-founder

Diane Samuels is co-founder of City of Asylum/Pittsburgh. A visual artist whose public artwork is at Brown University (RI), Center for Jewish History (NY), and Gedenkstätte Grafenek (Ger.), she serves on the Board of National Catholic Center for Holocaust Education at Seton Hill University, and is a Distinguished Daughter of Pennsylvania.

If you would like to learn about City of Asylum/Pittsburgh and help further its mission, please visit it here.

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