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Dog-Eared and Dispatched: January 17, 2016

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Book news was sparse this week, but maybe you’ll be surprised by which genres and subgenres sold well in 2015 and which declined. Ready? Set? Read!

Burning books

What were the hot and cold categories in books for 2015? Art/Architecture/Design/Photography saw a big bump under Adult Nonfiction, at 60 percent compared to 2014, although that is likely due in large part to the popularity of adult coloring books. For Adult Fiction, Science Fiction grew the most, at 44 percent, while Occult/Psychological/Horror declined 33 percent. Juvenile Nonfiction saw growth in all subcategories, with the category itself growing 12 percent overall. Juvenile Fiction, however, declined overall by 3 percent, though the Animals subcategory grew by 12 percent. [Publishers Weekly]


  1. Turns out publishers may be leaving a few revenue methods untapped, including better marketing for backlist titles.
  2. Nonfiction author Michael Hyatt has pledged to read only print books in 2016, and presents a list of compelling reasons.
  3. Why the heck are adult coloring books a thing? A neuroscientist explains their appeal.
  4. The Egyptian government has launched the world’s largest digital library.
  5. Germans prefer reading to streaming services; more than half read a print book a week, while only 17 percent use movie streaming services.

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