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Dog-Eared and Dispatched: March 20, 2016

Reaching for the stars

While publishing continues to chew over the issue of diversity—or lack thereof amongst its hired professionals—authors are taking on more awareness of how to market themselves and indie publishers are using the digital space to make the most of a limited budget. Ready? Set? Read!

Graph of publisher diversity by department.

Why is publishing so white? The January 26, 2016 report by Lee & Low Books revealed the overwhelming whiteness of the publishing industry, as well as the prevalence of female employees. On the heels of this news, the publishing industry has taken a keen eye to this issue, not only in understanding why but also in considering how to improve the diversity of publishing professionals. Publishers Weekly interviewed 40 publishing professionals, many on the condition of anonymity—a good number of them are also hiring managers at a Big Five publisher—to try and answer the question, “Why has publishing made so little progress in its efforts to diversify, particularly racially?” What they found is that publishing, like many industries, suffers from an unconscious bias; all Big Five publishers were unwilling to release numbers, even anonymously, and only three participated in the Diversity Baseline Survey that formed the basis of the Lee & Low report. [Lee & Low Books, Publishers Weekly]


  1. NYRB Classics has launched a new imprint dedicated to graphic novels, named New York Review Comics; the first release so far is Agony by Mark Beyer, originally released in 1987.
  2. Writer and publishing professional Jane Friedman has released an article emphasizing four big marketing lessons for authors, whether they’re self-publishing or aiming traditional.
  3. This infographic examines the cost of various goods in Shakespeare’s time, including the price to attend one of his plays, and also looks at the percentage of typical professions at the time.
  4. Digital Book World interviews the founders of Influx Press, an independent press that’s innovatively used the digital publishing space to connect with their readers and authors.

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