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Dog-Eared and Dispatched: March 8, 2015

Dog-Eared & Dispatched: March 8, 2015

It’s time for another all-footnote edition of book-world updates. From books in translation to the reading habits of dictators, from ereading apps to forever stamps, this week’s column has something for everyone. Click away!


  1. Shakespeare & Company has a new website. They also have a tumblr.
  2. Barnes and Noble has released a new nook app for android, one that’s specifically targeted at the … nook tablet (aka Samsung Galaxy Tab 4)?
  3. Minneapolis publisher Coffee House Books to make inroads on New York literary scene through its partnership with subscription ebook service Emily Books.
  4. Maya Angelou to be commemorated on a USPS “forever” stamp. Also, speaking of post offices
  5. Sometimes one links to a gushy article about Dylan Thomas because the featured photograph of the poet (taken by Erich Auerbach) includes a nice-looking scarf.
  6. In which a reader complains of learning from erudite textual references. (And another).
  7. Apparently Ayatollah Khameini has a fondness for Soviet literature, especially Alexei Tolstoy’s (a writer “skilled at giving the regime what it wanted”) novel The Ordeal.
  8. World Book Day was on March 5.
  9. On being rejected by one’s mentor: “Timing, timing, timing. No you—no career as it stands.”
  10. On books one reads over and over again.
  11. The literary slapstick of Jane Austen (admit it, you like Love and Freindship, too).
  12. A completely erroneous infographic of the most translated books of all time. Can quite understand wanting to skip over the Bible and the “Watchtower,” but why leave out Alice in Wonderland and Pilgrim’s Progress? Or the Kalevala? Or Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea? FACT CHECKER!
  13. The Tournament of Books starts on Monday.

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