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Dog-Eared and Dispatched: May 3, 2015

Dog-Eared & Dispatched: May 5, 2015.

We hope that your pocketbook isn’t hurting too much after yesterday’s Independent Bookstore Day celebrations. We’ve got a wide-ranging selection of footnotes for you today, from authors disapproving of awards, to Amazon’s share prices, and why you should be reading more Anthony Trollope. We’ve also got a feature story about the press that might have climbed out the window with the royalties and disappeared. Ready? Set? Read!

The literary press that climbed out the window and disappeared.

The British publisher Hesperus Books has received quite a bit of attention this week as British courts have ordered the firm to “cease publishing, printing, and selling” the popular title The 100-Year-Old Man Who Climbed Out of the Window and Disappeared after alleged failures to pay its author, Jonas Jonasson, royalties – and this order, as of Friday, had been complied with: the book is no longer mentioned on the publisher’s website. The press’s other authors are also concerned about their royalties; as Roma Tearne, whose book Hesperus recently published, said: “The thing I want is that this book doesn’t die. It isn’t about the money. I went to a small publisher for the TLC, and I got it, so this is tragic. I found out as the publishing date was coming up. The editor was in tears telling me – they were terribly upset. My agent is now investigating. More than anything, I want the book to live.” This fracas follows the resignation of all four members of the press’s staff – leaving no one to comment on the situation. We’ll let you know if anything comes up. [The Guardian, Indiebound affiliate link, The Bookseller, MobyLives!]


  1. Authors are refusing to attend the PEN/America Award Gala because of the organization’s decision to honor the magazine Charlie Hebdo [NY Times]. (See also.)
  2. Why yes, you (and everyone you know) should be reading more Anthony Trollope.
  3. Amazon shares rose 14.1% last Friday because the company’s cloud storage service is profitable.
  4. A schoolgirl in Canada was chastised for reading on the school bus [CBC].
  5. The Association of American Publishers reports that book sales were down 7.3% in January 2015 compared to January 2014, with ebook sales down 10.2% while trade paperback sales rose 10.3%. Educational materials – both K-12 and college-related – fell the most, 20.7% and 18%, respectively [Shelf Awareness]
  6. The Eisner nominations have been announced.
  7. Apparently physical books are a lesson in humility (which the TNR could probably use…).

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