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Dog-Eared and Dispatched: October 4, 2015


E-book subscription services may be seeing the black hole at the end of the tunnel, but fantasy fans can at least be excited about the triple threat of the movie-TV show-video game adaptation of Patrick Rothfuss’ Kingkiller Chronicles. Ready? Set? Read!

Oyster books

On the heels of e-book subscription Oyster’s announced shutdown, the publishing industry is speculating on the future of e-subscription services. Mark Coker, CEO of Smashwords, lamented the closing and speculated that Oyster paying retail price to publishers for the e-books (once readers had consumed a certain percentage of the e-book, anyway) was a major cause, particularly in genres where readers are known to be especially voracious, such as romance and erotica. He compared Oyster’s model to KDP Select, an Amazon Kindle program, which pays authors (and publishers) less than retail price; like many of Amazon’s deals with publishers, the negotiations do not favor the publishing side. Scribd, a subscription service similar to Oyster that recently acquired Librify (yet another e-book subscription service), has recently scaled down its services, by offering less romance and erotica titles, indicating the bind that many Netflix-type book services find themselves facing. In an effort to work with publishers, these services have often found themselves losing—but who will lose the most in the end, if none of these services remain viable? [Publishers Weekly, Smashwords]


  1. Even some primarily literary readers have read The Name of the Wind by Patrick Rothfuss, which is now being adapted to a movie, a TV show, and a video game by Lionsgate.
  2. Have any of your favorite books ever been banned? Check out this infographic of the 2014 list.
  3. Pearson Education is being sued in a royalties dispute from two textbook authors, who say Pearson has been “systematically shortchanging textbook authors on the royalties they are owed.”
  4. Children’s books writer Daniel Handler (a.k.a. Lemony Snicket) and artist Lisa Brown (his wife) have announced they plan to donate $1 million to Planned Parenthood.
  5. Continuing award announcement nominations, the National Book Foundation has announced the ‘5 under 35’ National Book Award nominees for 2015, including Megan Kruse and Angela Flournoy.

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