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Erika Goldman, Bellevue Literary Press

Erika Goldman (of Bellevue Literary Press) on LNC

Welcome to Late Night Conversation. This week Doug talks to Erika Goldman, publisher and editorial director of Bellevue Literary Press, a non-profit mission-driven publisher putting out literary fiction and non-fiction at the intersection of the arts and sciences since 2007. BLP’s books have received major literary prizes including the 2010 Pulitzer Prize, awarded to Tinkers by Paul Harding. They discuss the nexus of art and science, literary citizenship, and how delusions are not simply healthy but necessary for a writer pursuing his or her art.

It’s important to be part of a good literary community, and that involves buying each other’s books; if we don’t buy each other’s books, who will?…If people care enough to go to a reading, you would hope they’d want to support the author. Every single copy of a book you sell is a small triumph.

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About our guest

Erika Goldman, Publisher and Editorial Director of Bellevue Literary Press, has been an editor of fiction and nonfiction for over twenty years at several major publishing houses in New York City, including St. Martin’s Press, Charles Scribner’s Sons, Simon & Schuster and W. H. Freeman. A recipient of the Jerusalem International Book Fair Editorial fellowship, she has taught at New York University’s Center for Publishing and in the Creative Nonfiction Mentoring Program. She is an instructor at the New York University School of Medicine, Division of Medical Humanities.

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