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Frank Lentricchia – The Accidental Pallbearer

Late Night Conversation, hosted by Paul Martone

Tonight it’s an all Italian American episode as Paul speaks with Frank Lentricchia, author of the Eliot Conte crime novels published by Melville House. Topics include: cultural otherness, the life of Trappist monks, Don DeLillo, writing as a pleasurable drug, Pavarotti and the musicality of language, violent impulses, and literary characters with ugly thoughts.

To me it’s dishonest to present ourselves in life, or our characters in our writing, as if [we’re] not struggling with these violent and ugly thoughts.

9781612191713The Dog Killer of Utica





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About our guest

Frank Lentricchia was raised in Utica, New York, to working-class, first-generation Italian-American parents. He’s the author of The Accidental Pallbearer and The Dog Killer of Utica, detective crime novels published by Melville House. Frank has also written seven other novels and a number of highly acclaimed critical studies. He is a professor of American literature at Duke University.

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