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Laurie Liss, Sterling Lord Literistic

Welcome to Late Night Conversation. This week we feature Laurie Liss, Vice President and Partner at Sterling Lord Literistic. Paul and Laurie discuss the many hats she wears as a literary agent, her discovery of one of the best-selling novels of the twentieth century, Rachel Maddow’s work ethic, the importance of being good at your day job if you happen to be a writer, and a slew of other topics.

“My mantra is: advice is free. I talk to lots of writers who I will never, ever represent. Maybe they’re looking for an agent, or they may be the best friend of one of my clients, or the best friend of my best friend. In those situations I have nothing to lose.”


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About our guest:

Laurie Liss is Vice President and Partner at Sterling Lord Literistic. She represents authors of commercial and literary fiction and nonfiction whose perspectives are well developed and unique. She has made it a point of her career to nurture young and unpublished authors, as well as self-published and ‘under-published’ writers. Her list represents her broad-based tastes, but generally she looks for books with heart, which will positively impact society. Her clients include: Richard Paul Evans, Rachel Maddow, Dave Pelzer, Clark Howard, Malachy McCourt, Shankar Vedantam, Darcie Chan, Matt Richtel, Obert Skye, Francesca Lia Block, Hillary Carlip, Dr. Steve Schlozman, Janet Reitman, Julie Shigekuni, and Michael Morris.

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