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Robyn Tenebaum and Courtenay Hameister, Live Wire!

On this episode of Late Night Conversation, Paul talks with the co-creator and executive producer of radio variety show  Live Wire!, Robyn Tenenbaum, as well as the show’s producer, head writer, and host, Courtenay Hameister. Robyn and Courtenay take us behind the scenes producing and writing for public radio and provide a glimpse into how Live Wire’s storied live recordings at the Alberta Rose Theater in Portland come together each month.

Bonus: on the heels of a few fun literary events in Portland last week (plus an afterparty at Late Night Library HQ), Paul discusses the realities of book publishing and attempts to demystify the writer/publisher relationship.

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About our guests:

Robyn Tenenbaum is Live Wire!’s co-creator and executive producer. Robyn hung up her acting career at the age of 12 after she brought down the house with her role as Fruma Sara’s understudy in Fiddler on the Roof. As a grownup she moved behind the scenes, working backstage for Bill Graham Presents on big festivals and ticketing for groups ranging from The Rolling Stones to HH Dalai Lama. Longing for the riches of Public Radio, she became the producer of West Coast Live, a national weekly live radio show. After four years, she lost all concept of reality, fell in love, got swept away to Portland, and gave birth to a boy, a girl, and a radio variety show.

Courtenay Hameister is Live Wire!’s producer, head writer, and host. The path that led Courtenay to Live Wire! is a circuitous one. She studied theater, film, and women’s studies at NYU, where she worked behind-the-scenes with the comedy group The State. She then had a not-so-illustrious advertising career that hooked her up with Kate Sokoloff, and the rest is herstory (Get it? Because of the patriarchy?). You can read her work in McSweeney’s,Willamette WeekOregon Humanities Magazine, and the anthology What Was I Thinking?: 58 Bad Boyfriend Stories. She also founded the True Storiesreading series, is the only person with boobs on The Cort and Fatboy Show on, and recently wrote and directed her first short film, Stella’s Flight.

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