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Luke Goebel – Fourteen Stories, None of Them Are Yours

Late Night Conversation, hosted by Paul Martone

Tonight our featured guest is Luke Goebel, author of the debut novel FOURTEEN STORIES| NONE OF THEM ARE YOURS, published today by FC2 as the winner of the Ronald Sukenick Prize for Innovative Fiction. Luke is the former co-editor of The NEW YORK TYRANT.

Conversation topics include: breaking in to 5-star hotels, privilege & politics, the ridiculousness of the world & the ridiculousness of being, the calming presence of dogs, pushing back against ever-changing rules, and being overcome by the loss of the great loves of our lives.



I want to create a space where I’m not dragging someone by the hair through what I got . . . hopefully when you’re reading the thing, the thing that’s true, the feeling, you’re like Oh shit! . . . amidst the chaos, the absurdity, the larger context . . . Shit that thing just hit me like a gutshot.





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About our guest

Luke B. Goebel is a fiction writer living in Texas, from Portland Oregon—through SF, Massachusetts, NYC. His first novel: FOURTEEN STORIES| None of Them Are Yours, was released by FC2 as the winner of the Ronald Sukenick Prize for Innovative Fiction. He was co-editor for several years with The NEW YORK TYRANT—for Issues VOL3 II and VOL3 III, and was Guest Editor for VOL 4 I (NYTyrant). Editing at Tyrant he had the honor to work with and publish authors such as Padgett Powell, Gordon Lish, Pam Ryder, Brian Evenson, Noy Holland, Rachel Glaser, Michael Bible, Daniel Long, Brandon Hobson, Tad Lin, and plenty others. He has fictions published in/at: Elimae, Green Mountains Review, Unsaid, Gigantic, Pank, Kitty Snacks, The New York Tyrant, and elsewhere. He is an Assistant Professor of English at UT TYLER. He stands six foot one hundred and packs a loaded coal pistol.


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