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Rebecca Rubenstein and Nevan Scott – Midnight Breakfast

Late Night Conversation, hosted by Douglas Silver

Tonight, Doug talks to Rebecca Rubenstein and Nevan Scott of Midnight Breakfast. Midnight Breakfast is an online literary magazine; they’re publishing a diverse selection of fiction, non-fiction, interviews, and visual art. The staff at Midnight Breakfast “wants to bring you back to late-night talks with good friends over greasy food.” They’re excited by fiction, personal essays, cultural criticism, and interviews. They believe in the serious, but they also believe that if you cannot make people laugh, you don’t deserve to make them think. They believe in craft and passion, and they want to support a community of artists who care about these things too. By paying their contributors Midnight Breakfast intends to show respect for the process and the challenge of creating original, dynamic work.

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Obviously with the VIDA count and all the murmurings in the literary world, diversity is a really huge thing, and I think we all know the problems that come along with the industry with regards to that. At AWP Roxane Gay said something at The Rumpus panel which I thought was really great, which was that diversity doesn’t just mean race, and it doesn’t just mean sex: it can mean socio-economic diversity, it can mean coming from different geographical locations…

About our guests

Rebecca Rubenstein is the editor-in-chief of Midnight Breakfast she is also the interviews editor for The Rumpus and a former contributing editor for the short-lived but wonderful STET. She resides in San Francisco and can often be found thinking aloud on Twitter.

Nevan Scott is the managing editor of Midnight Breakfast makes websites with Cantilever, and teaches people how to make websites at General Assembly. Websites, websites, websites.

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