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Rookie Report: Paul Lynch

Night sky was black and then there was blood, morning crack of light on the edge of the earth. The crimson spill sent the bright stars to fade, hills stepping out of shadow and clouds finding flesh. First rain of day from a soundless sky and music it made of the land. The trees let slip the mantle of darkness, stretched themselves, fingers of leaves shivering in the breeze, red then goldening rays of light catching. The rain stopped and he heard the birds wake. They blinked and shook their heads and scattered song upon the sky. The land, old and tremulous, turned slowly towards the rising sun.

—Excerpt from Red Sky in Morning

Red_Sky_In_MorningLate Night Library: Summarize your book in 10 words or fewer.

Paul Lynch: 19th century family-man hunted out of Ireland to America

LNL: If this book were the lovechild of two others, who are its parents?

PL: James Joyce and Cormac McCarthy

LNL: What ingredients go into the recipe of your writing style?

PL: Simple enough: a life-time of reading.

LNL: Name one book you wish you could read again for the first time.

PL: Juan Rulfo by Pedro Paramo. Every time I read it is like reading it for the first time.

LNL: Answer a question you wish people would ask you about writing. 

PL: Are you ever satisfied? The answer is no. Writing a novel is chasing after the impossible. My mind is wired always to the ideal.

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Lynch_Paul [Credit_Richard Gilligan]

Paul Lynch was born in 1977 and is a novelist and critic. He was the chief film critic of Ireland’s Sunday Tribune from 2007 to 2011. He writes regularly for the London Sunday Times on film and has also written for the Irish Times, the Sunday Business Post, the Irish Daily Mail, and Film Ireland. He appears regularly on Irish radio and is a member of the Dublin Film Critics Circle. In 2011, the Irish Times called him one of Ireland’s “finest film writers.” He lives in Dublin.


[Photo: Richard Gilligan]

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