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Sigrid Rausing, Granta Magazine

This week on Late Night Conversation, Doug talks to Sigrid Rausing, Publisher of Granta Magazine, Granta Books, and Portobello Books. Doug and Sigrid discuss the premature death knell rung for Granta Magazine, the magazine’s evolving identity, the definition of “urgent fiction,” the eerie similarities between the Granta slush pile and human rights activism, and why art-loving Americans should be grateful for their nation’s culture wars.

“One of the big differences I think between the cultural world…in New York and in London to do with writing is that New York and America are in the grips of a culture war. The culture war influences everything because it means the barbarians are waiting at the gate. And that’s quite threatening to people. And it means that cultural world of writing is more high-culture than it is in England. In England there isn’t that sense of urgency and irony is the perennial note of English literary culture and English culture generally.”

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About our guest:

Sigrid Rausing is a publisher, writer, and philanthropist. She founded the Sigrid Rausing Trust in 1995 to promote human rights in repressive societies, and is publisher of Granta Magazine, Granta Books, and Portobello Books.

Posted on: October 14, 2013 · Homepage, Late Night Conversation, Podcasts ·

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