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“I can’t begin to know who someone is until I know where they are”: Interview with Molly Gloss

Portland-based novelist Molly Gloss has forged her career from the crossroads of character and landscape, culminating in a number of novels about tough, resourceful Westerners. These characters tend to think big: even as they labor hard for subsistence, they also seem to be reaching out for more. They seek new vistas, new knowledge, and new

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February 2, 2015

“My landlord was always the best antidote to preciousness.” In conversation with Craig Davidson

The City holds you. And not just this one. Every city has that potential. A city holds you inside itself. The feeling is as comfortable as nesting in a warm cupped palm. And if that hand should tighten into a fist—hell, most times you’ll barely feel it. A city knows the shape of things and

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December 8, 2014

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