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Dog-Eared and Dispatched: May 10, 2015

Dog-Eared & Dispatched: May 10, 2015

As spring fades to summer and the country responds to political campaigns, race relations, and international affairs, the book industry is following suit with a week’s worth of social justice updates from a theft in Colombia to publicity for feminist and diversity campaigns. Our footnotes similarly reflect an activist interest with McSweeney’s Kickstarter launches and

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May 10, 2015

Dog-Eared and Dispatched: October 19, 2014

Dog-Eared & Dispatched: October 19, 2014

Hello, hello, hello. In this week’s rundown of the wild world of book culture, we have the latest news on the literary prize front, as well as news about two businesses who haven’t been hugely profitable: McSweeney’s and Amazon. There’s also a passel of footnotes for your delectation, on topics ranging from intellectual cowardice to

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October 19, 2014

“The end times, they could be good times”: In conversation with Sean Wilsey

I softly sailed up and over to one of G-Force One‘s two windows, in the emergency exits.  Direction doesn’t matter when you’re weightless.  Up and down are no longer markers.  I suddenly understood how in space there is only everywhere.  And this revelation was accompanied by the fleeting physical knowledge of what it was to

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August 11, 2014

Dog-Eared and Dispatched: August 3, 2014

Dog-eared and Dispatched: August 3, 2014

This week in our weekly rundown of book culture, we’ve got ebook news, as publishers adopt different approaches to increase sales, Hachette also got some good news this week with improved overall sales, and of course if we have Hachette news, where would we be without Amazon news, too? Are you ready? Get reading, then!

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August 3, 2014

“I’m interested in the downside of boldness.” A conversation with John Brandon

There’s a spot on the edge of town where you can pull off the roadside and view alligators from the safety of your car. My wife and I haven’t made our way over there, and now Lara has started campaigning that we go, that we pack some sandwiches and find a radio station and stare at

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June 16, 2014

I wanted us to walk together: An interview with Arif Gamal

Intimate, moving, and wise, Arif Gamal’s Morning in Serra Mattu: A Nubian Ode (McSweeney’s Poetry Series, April 2014) explores issues of identity, community, and homeland, collective memory and loss, and the intersection of environmental, geopolitical, and personal history in contemporary Sudan.  Arif was kind enough to discuss the inspiration and intentions that underlie his “mosaic”

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May 5, 2014

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