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“What keeps me inspired are the authors themselves.” Beth Spencer (Bear Star Press)

Beth Spencer is the founder and editor of Bear Star Press, which she started in 1996. Bear Star is “committed to publishing the best writing it can attract from the Mountain and Pacific time zones, as well as Alaska and Hawaii.” The press is a proud part of the “poetry renaissance” flourishing on the West

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December 15, 2014

Melissa Mylchreest

For Jolene            b. December 10, 2010, Pablo, MT Scrap, small leaving of a night and its wild biology            hound-bodies unfenced and wrought-up, sly coupling of the junkyard, car a rusted crib, weed-bound hulk of comfort for            one, two, three, and then you, mewling mess of kinked ears and blood, pink pads, the echo            of a

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September 12, 2014

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