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Michael Coffey – The Business of Naming Things

Late Night Conversation, hosted by Erika Anderson This week Erika talks to author, poet, and editor Michael Coffey. Michael’s most recent work and fiction debut, The Business of Naming Things, is a book of eight stories exploring family, abandonment, identity, and (dis)connection. In this episode, Michael talks to Erika about masculinity, faith, and identity. Listen to

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April 28, 2015

An Imagined Future of Complicated Grown-up Life

Delving back into Thisbe Nissen’s 2001 novel, The Good People of New York, felt like a kind of time-travel eavesdropping. From its first pages, I found myself in the middle of a conversation I’d begun as a teenager, a conversation I’d had with the characters, with the author, with the story itself. I pulled the

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September 11, 2013

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