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Dog-Eared and Dispatched: May 3, 2015

Dog-Eared & Dispatched: May 5, 2015.

We hope that your pocketbook isn’t hurting too much after yesterday’s Independent Bookstore Day celebrations. We’ve got a wide-ranging selection of footnotes for you today, from authors disapproving of awards, to Amazon’s share prices, and why you should be reading more Anthony Trollope. We’ve also got a feature story about the press that might have

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May 3, 2015

Dog-Eared and Dispatched: September 14, 2014

Dog-Eared and Dispatched: September 14, 2014

Heartening news this week, as it turns out that young people do read after all. There are also plenty of literary events to be interested in, and big questions are being raised, too, about how publishing plays into politics (or vice versa). Plenty of footnotes on a variety of topics (Apple, Oyster, Harry Potter) for

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September 14, 2014

Dog-Eared and Dispatched: August 18, 2013

Dog-Eared and Dispatched

This week, the Apple vs. DOJ saga continues with—you guessed it—the plan for even more court hearings in the coming months. While we wait for the final word on Apple’s indictment, New York University student Robert Seamans and Harvard University student Feng Zhu investigate the effect of Craigslist on newspaper revenues, PEN American Center announces its

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August 18, 2013

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