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“Whose baby child are you?” In conversation with Breena Clarke

Russell’s Knob, the village he brought her to, was secreted. It was a hide, a hush-up, a keep-quiet-about spot, a conceal-and-bottle-up sanctuary, a curtain, a disguise, a dissemble place. The homesteads that formed it were laid so that they were encountered singly—knots along a string. If one homestead was set upon, folk could fall back

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November 17, 2014

“A recognition of the possibility of both”: In coversation with Alexis De Veaux

Afraid of the sweetness of the other, afraid it was not there, or worse, it had never been, they tore at just enough clothes. It was not longing they felt, for they (would have said they) had not longed for each other. Not consciously, at least. They had not missed each other (they would have

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July 14, 2014

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