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David Armand: The Gorge

David Armand

In the opening scenes of The Gorge, a new novel by Louisiana writer David Armand (Southeast Missouri State University Press) the far reaches of a sunken cave create an ominous presence that fuels the novel’s dark tone. At any point, The Gorge feels likely to break out into eruptions of brutality, or to stoke its

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October 5, 2015

“What keeps me inspired are the authors themselves.” Beth Spencer (Bear Star Press)

Beth Spencer is the founder and editor of Bear Star Press, which she started in 1996. Bear Star is “committed to publishing the best writing it can attract from the Mountain and Pacific time zones, as well as Alaska and Hawaii.” The press is a proud part of the “poetry renaissance” flourishing on the West

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December 15, 2014

“As long as it’s relevant to the book, I’m up for it.” A conversation with Burrow Press publisher Ryan Rivas

In this week’s Late Night Interview, Burrow Press Publisher Ryan Rivas and author John Henry Fleming discuss the history of Burrow Press, the Florida literary scene, the author-publisher relationship, local vs. national promotion, and the pleasures and challenges of small-press literary publishing. JOHN HENRY FLEMING: Let’s get this thing off on the right foot. What

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November 10, 2014

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