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“Poetry exists in a gated community within the world of song.” In conversation with David McGimpsey

David McGimpsey’s poetry is irreverent in its whimsy, whimsical in its irreverence. In his new collection Asbestos Heights (Coach House Books) one encounters poems with titles like “Every time a poet is denied a council grant, a blind child is given back the power of sight,” “Alexander Mackenzie was the first of Canada’s prime ministers

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June 1, 2015

“History is a cruise ship docked in the port of today.” In conversation with T. Geronimo Johnson

While Charlie, Candice, and Louis were fastening seat belts and returning chair trays to the upright and locked position, it dawned on Daron that though he’d asked his mom to move The Charlies, he’d neglected to mention the mammies from New Orleans, Salt and Pepper Climb on Cucumber, as well as the Bibinba, Zwarte Pieten,

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February 23, 2015

“The wall between fantasy and realism isn’t a wall for me at all.” In Conversation With Ron Koertge

“I speak to you from heaven because I’m dead. Gored by an enormous billy goat (number three to be exact) and tossed in the stream. Why did I wait for him? Why didn’t I gobble up the first Gruff and call it a day? It was the way he lowered his eyes. I thought I

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October 6, 2014

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