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A Provisional Limbo: Sarah Gerkensmeyer’s What You Are Now Enjoying

Autumn House Press, 2013 Reviewed by W.M. Lobko The plenty clever title of Sarah Gerkensmeyer’s debut volume of short stories does indeed apply to you, dear reader. The way in which it applies to you, however, reveals itself gradually: this volume is defined as much by restraint and subtlety as it is by surprise. Upon

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June 4, 2013

Simply Animal: Stephanie Pippin’s The Messenger

University of Iowa Press, April 2013 Reviewed by W.M. Lobko What is it about a bird of prey that communicates such grace and clarity of purpose? Stately, slow in the sky, in no particular rush, possibly hunting, independent of the earth and immune to danger, these birds seize through their silence the whole sum of

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April 4, 2013

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