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S.E. Hinton – The Outsiders

Late Night Love Affair, hosted by Sarah Marshall and Candace Opper

Welcome to the first episode of Late Night Love Affair—a new podcast recently adapted from the short-lived and much-loved video series, Late Night Lit. On today’s episode, hosts Candace Opper and Sarah Marshall discuss S.E. Hinton’s The Outsiders. Topics of conversation include adolescent boys, lipstick application, 16-year-old girls who write books, crying on the city bus, Grease, witchcraft, The Lost Boys, and the youthful intensity of Bruce Springsteen.

I accept that I’m Sandy. I am the kind of girl who would throw up if you pierced her ears at a party.

Listen here…


About our hosts:

Candace Opper and Sarah Marshall met in the MFA creative writing program at Portland State. They share a love of slasher films, George C. Scott, conspiracy theory, Stephen King, VCRs, air-popped popcorn, Jurassic Park, and discussing over coffee their obsessions with suicide and serial killers, respectively.

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