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Aaron Burch – Backswing

Late Night New York, hosted by Sonia Weiser in collaboration with the Franklin Park Reading Series

This week’s podcast features Aaron Burch, reading “Train Time” from his recently published collection of short stories, Backswing.

Aaron reads (in a disarmingly self-deprecating first-person narration he assures listeners is “fictional”):

I invented an alternate day, something I’d do often, changing the course of history according to something I wished I’d done. In this version, the girl who’d slept next to me for some indeterminate length of the previous night had stayed on the train… I’d tell her my stories about fireflies and my ex-girlfriend… I’d tell her how, after we broke up, I found a cheap apartment and moved out, got a job selling buy-one-get-one-free pizza coupons door to door with a bunch of guys who thought they were hot shit, quoting Wall Street and Glengarry Glen Ross, and complimenting one another’s ‘power ties’ and new expensive watches. So when my best friend called and said he moved to California and asked what I was doing and could I come out for a visit, I said of course and packed a duffel bag, and took the bus to the train station. I’d tell this girl that I felt a little guilty admitting this, but a part of me hoped maybe Craig had moved down to California alone because of marriage troubles, and now I could move in with him, and we could be roommates like old times….

Late Night New York is the fruit of our collaborations with the Franklin Park Reading Series in Brooklyn, New York.

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AARON BURCH is the author of the story collection, Backswing (Queen’s Ferry Press, July ’14); the novella, How to Predict the Weather; and How to Take Yourself Apart, How to Make Yourself Anew, the winner of PANK’s First Chapbook Competition. He is also the founding editor of HOBART: another literary journal. He lives in Ann Arbor, MI.

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