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Anne Marie Wirth Cauchon – Nothing

Late Night New York, hosted by Emily Yoon

This month we feature Anne Marie Wirth Cauchon, author of the debut novel Nothing. Set in the badlands of Montana, the novel flings the reader into the unforgiving landscape traversed by Ruth and James, two young outlaws each seeking their own version of escape. The New York Times calls Wirth Cauchon’s prose “bluntly apocalyptic and psychologically attentive” in her exploration of the cruelty and transcendence in both nature and ourselves.

In this reading, Wirth Cauchon gives us James, a “middle-class white boy, a poser, a wannabe hobo anarchist.” She begins:

I was waiting for the train a ways past Craven, South Dakota, and I remember this pretty girl who gave me a cigarette, leaning on the bumper of her boyfriend’s truck…. I sat down on the embankment with the sky everywhere and rolled a cigarette, lit it and looked for the train. Should’ve come by now but all you can do is wait…

Late Night New York is the fruit of our collaborations with the Franklin Park Reading Series in Brooklyn, New York.

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ANNE MARIE WIRTH CAUCHON is the author of the debut novel Nothing (Two Dollar Radio). She received her MFA from the University of Montana. She studies English, Cultural Studies, and Comparative Literature at the University of Minnesota in Minneapolis. In 2010 she received a MacDowell Fellowship for the manuscript of Nothing.

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