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Lizzie Harris & Amy Meng – Bodega Magazine

Late Night Conversation, hosted by Kristin Maffei

This week’s guests are Lizzie Harris and Amy Meng, founders and poetry editors for Bodega Magazine, “Your Literary Corner Store.” Founded in September 2012 and coming up on its 25th issue, Bodega releases digital issues on the first Monday of every month, featuring poetry, prose, and occasional interviews by established and emerging writers.

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Tonight Kristin sat down with Amy and Lizzie to discuss their philosophy and vision for the future, upcoming issues, and the challenges and successes they’ve faced since starting two years ago.

L: We are a literary journal that you can digest in one sitting. It sort of evolved from the idea that there are all of these great journals out there, all of this great work being published, and every time we got a journal it was like 200 pages of greatness. And there was just no way to even approach it.

A: So we put out our digital literary magazine the first week of each month usually. There’s an online version and a PDF version available. Usually we don’t feature any more than about five poems and one short story. This way you can download the PDF, you can read it on the train, or while you’re waiting for your laundry.

L: That’s sort of from the reader perspective, we really wanted something people could enjoy cover to cover. From the writer’s perspective, there’s nothing better than getting a piece published…

A: …and not having it buried….

L: Yeah, not having it on page like 360 of some giant anthology. It’s nice, every person we publish is like the star of the show.



LIZZIE HARRIS’s debut collection, Stop Wanting (CSU Poetry Center, 2014), was selected by Tracy K. Smith and named one of Cosmopolitan’s “10 Books by Women You Have to Read This Spring.” Her poems appear in All Hollow, Barrow Street, The Carolina Quarterly, Painted Bride Quarterly, Phantom Limb, Sixth Finch and She lives in Brooklyn, where she’s a poetry editor for Bodega Magazine.

AMY MENG’s poems have appeared or are forthcoming in Cream City Review, The Literary Review, The Normal School, North Dakota Quarterly, and Slice Magazine. She lives in Brooklyn and serves as a poetry editor at Bodega Magazine.

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