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Danniel Schoonebeek – American Barricade

Late Night Conversation, hosted by Kristin Maffei

Tonight we hear from Danniel Schoonebeek, poet, traveler, and author of American Barricade and the forthcoming book C’est La Guerre. Listen as Danniel shares tales and tips from his Amtrak tour across America (yes, this was before Amtrak’s writing residency), his web platform for other travelers to track literary events across the country, and the organic process of building a poetic community.

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Steinbeck has this great bit in Travels with Charlie where he says that when you leave for a trip like this, everyone tries to tell you how it’s going to be. When I went out on the road with a band when I was 17, everyone said ‘This is gonna be so cool! You’re gonna have so many groupies.’ …But it was really not very glamorous at all. Then when I left for this book tour, everyone was like, ‘You’re gonna be so alone out there! This is gonna be dark. You’re gonna meet some really strange people.’ My one friend was like, ‘Bring a knife. Bring two knives. Something’s gonna go wrong.’ Miraculously this tour was so not like that. There was this energy puffing up the whole tour. I felt sort of this immense love and community all around the whole country. So, a note to all you musicians — take up writing while you can. Unless you’re rich.



Danniel Schoonebeek’s first book of poems, American Barricade, is out now from YesYes Books. A chapbook, Family Album, is also available from Poor Claudia, and an EP of recorded poems, Trench Mouth, is out now from Black Cake Records. His work has appeared in Poetry, Tin House, Boston Review, Fence, BOMB, Indiana Review, jubilat, Denver Quarterly, and elsewhere. He writes a column on poetry for The American Reader, hosts the Hatchet Job reading series, and edits the PEN Poetry Series. In 2015, Poor Claudia will release his second book, a travelogue called C’est La Guerre.

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