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Josh Ostergaard – The Devil’s Snake Curve

Late Night Conversation, hosted by Paul Martone.

Tonight’s featured guest is Josh Ostergaard, author of The Devil’s Snake Curve (Coffee House Press, 2014). The Devil’s Snake Curve offers an alternative American history in which colonialism, jingoism, capitalism, and faith are represented by baseball. Personal and political, it twines Japanese internment camps with the Yankees; Walmart with the Kansas City Royals; and facial hair patterns with militarism, Guantanamo, and the modern security state.

Is there a traditional or popular subject you’d love to write about in a fresh, peculiar, engaging, and/or humorous way? If so, tell us about it by emailing Paul will share responses on a future episode of Late Night Conversation, but you can also tell Paul to leave your reply off the air. One respondent will receive a free copy of The Devil’s Snake Curve.

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George Brett “More Angry than Any Player in Baseball History”

The Devil's Snake Curve

Baseball can become a political tool . . . and is a political tool . . . it soaks up, like a sponge, political things and seems to normalize hyper-patriotism.



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About our guest

Josh Ostergaard holds an MFA in creative writing from the University of Minnesota and an MA in cultural anthropology from the University of Illinois at Chicago. He has been an urban anthropologist at the Field Museum and now works at Graywolf Press.

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