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Kenneth Calhoun – Black Moon

Late Night Debut, hosted by Amber Keller

This month we feature Kenneth Calhoun’s debut novel, Black Moon, from Hogarth. “Many authors have tackled the mystique of sleeplessness—but few have done so with the grotesque grace and poetic insight of Black Moon,” writes Jason Heller at NPR Books. “… Calhoun’s biggest ideas, though, concern perception. His prose-rich passages of hallucinogenic abandon aren’t psychedelic—they’re razor-sharp. And they reflect a far more staggering truth: The breakdown of society doesn’t happen when people can no longer agree on what’s right or wrong. It happens when they can no longer agree on what’s real.”

Act 1: Host Amber Keller covers controversial and entertaining book stories in the news
Act 2: Co-host authors Daniel H. Wilson and Alex C. Renwick discuss Kenneth’s debut
Act 3: Daniel talks with Kenneth about tapping into one’s dreams, the ability to sleep like a champ, and what happens when we lose both

“There’s a connection between the notion of the soul—or the subconscious, let’s say, in more psychological terms—and our humanity, and those things are articulated to us in the form of dreams.”





Kenneth Calhoun has had stories published in The Paris Review, Tin House, and the 2011 Pen/O. Henry Prize Collection, among others. He lives in Boston, where he is a graphic design professor at Lasell College.


robobookDaniel H. Wilson is the author of the New York Times bestselling Robopocalypse and seven other books, including How to Survive a Robot Uprising, A Boy and His Bot, and Amped. Robopocalypse was purchased by DreamWorks and is being adapted for film by Steven Spielberg. Wilson lives in Portland, Oregon.


Alex C. Renwick has written dozens of short stories as Camille Alexa for various magazines and anthologies, including Ellery Queen’s and Alfred Hitchcock’s Mystery magazines. Her award-nominated short fiction collection, Push of the Sky, was an official reading selection of the Powell’s Books SF Book Club in Portland, Oregon.

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