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Lisa Lucas – Guernica

Late Night Conversation, hosted by Kristin Maffei

Tonight we hear from Lisa Lucas, the publisher of Guernica, an award-winning magazine published twice monthly focusing on “the intersection of arts and politics with an international focus.” Lisa has a deep resume in art and nonprofit and is soon to take the magazine to its first annual print publication.

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Lisa sat down with our own Kristin Maffei to chat about the magazine, the obstacles and rewards of the nonprofit publishing world, Guernica’s new print issue, and what Lisa anticipates most about the Brooklyn Book Festival.

About Guernica‘s unique style, Lisa says–

We are always trying to look at what people aren’t covering, and the way that you might not look at it. We came up with the aesthetic of our Special Issues and the way that we look at themes and freedom of expression… There’s a lot of writing about freedom of expression because writers are really concerned with being able to express themselves, so you end up with a lot of content. But we started thinking: What are the things that people don’t cover? What are the gray areas and what are things that are not so great about free expression? …Hopefully that will be what the issue is like. You know, thinking about what the new American establishments are, what the old American establishments and what’s happened to them are, and giving it the Guernica treatment, which is a little bit off-beat, and a little bit not who you would expect to hear from…


LISA LUCAS is Publisher of Guernica and is based in Brooklyn, NY. Before joining the magazine, Lucas served as the Director of Education at Tribeca Film Institute and consulted for various non-profit arts and cultural organizations, including Sundance Film Festival, San Francisco Film Society and the Scholastic Art & Writing Awards. Lisa is also co-chair of the non-fiction committee for the Brooklyn Book Festival.

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