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mensah demary – Specter Magazine

Late Night Conversation, hosted by Kristin Maffei

This week our New York City team caught up with mensah demary, the co-founder of Specter magazine, a literary platform for women, people of color, and the LGBTQ community. In addition to his leadership at Specter, mensah is a poet, columnist, and fiction and nonfiction writer.

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In this episode, mensah tells Kristin about the conception of Specter, based on a practical vision to bring the work of marginalized writers to light. They discuss its creation, editorial vision, and plans for the future, as well as mensah’s personal literary adventures.

I can’t overstate the importance of the internet and having social media at my disposal. I can’t overstate its importance to Specter and to my writing career. Without it, it would’ve been much more difficult to build up a readership for both myself and for Specter, and more importantly, or maybe just as importantly, it would’ve been much more difficult to build up a support system of like-minded individuals: whether you write similarly to them or not, just having people around who understand the process…



mensah demary is editor in chief of Specter Magazine, and is a columnist for Fourculture Magazine. His fiction and nonfiction has appeared in Metazen, Little Fiction, PANK, Thought Catalog, and elsewhere. Originally from New Jersey, mensah currently lives and writes in Brooklyn.

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