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Jane Friedman and Manjula Martin – Scratch Magazine

Late Night Conversation, hosted by Douglas Silver

Tonight’s episode is about making bank. Bringing in that cheddar. Stacking those Benjamins (okay, we’re writers; we’ll be happy with Lincolns). Tonight we’re talking about earning scratch through your writing, as Doug sits down with Jane Friedman and Manjula Martin, founding editors of Scratch, a digital quarterly focusing on the relationship between writing, money, and life.

Commercial fiction is called commercial for a reason: because it sells. Whenever a writer is working outside the market demand, you have to accept some trade-offs.

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About our guests

Scratch co-founder Jane Friedman currently serves as the web editor of the Virginia Quarterly Review (VQR), based at the University of Virginia, where she also teaches digital publishing and online writing. Before joining VQR, Jane was the publisher of Writer’s Digest. She blogs at

Manjula Martin is co-editor of Scratch and founder of Who Pays Writers? Her writing has appeared in the Virginia Quarterly Review online, The Awl, Modern Farmer, The Magazine, The Rumpus, SF Weekly, and elsewhere. She makes a living as a freelance copywriter, editor, and communications strategist. Twitter: @manjulamartin.

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