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Shane Jones – Crystal Eaters

Late Night New York, hosted by Emily Yoon

This week we feature Shane Jones, author of the new novel Crystal Eaters. Celebrated for his powerfully imaginative – even psychedelic – prose, Shane has pushed the genre envelope even further with his newest work. Crystal Eaters has been billed as an “allegory, fable, touching family saga, and poetic sci-fi adventure.”

Shane reads:

The most damaging was the village-wide panic when the City came into focus – shadow bodies grazing on the horizon. Everyone went into a panic, filling burlap sacks with canned goods and clothing, quickly clearing shelves. They sprinted from their homes after double-locking their doors with two by fours and then slept in tents in the mine. Elder said to protect the crystals….

Late Night New York is the fruit of our collaborations with the Franklin Park Reading Series in Brooklyn, New York.

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SHANE JONES is the author of the recently published novel Crystal Eaters, as well as the novels Daniel Fights a Hurricane and Light Boxes, which has been translated into eight languages, was named an NPR best book of the year, and was optioned for film by Spike Jonze. He lives in upstate New York.

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