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Susan Atkins – Child of Satan, Child of God

Late Night Love Affair, hosted by Candace Opper & Sarah Marshall

This month Candace and Sarah discuss Susan Atkins’ autobiography, Child of Satan, Child of God, ghostwritten by Bob Slosser and published in 1977. Topics of conversation include ghostwriting, John Waters, Guitar Center, Sarah’s mom missing the sixties because of work, Candace’s mom seeing Elvis live in Las Vegas, The Last House on the Left, prison nighties, A&E crime documentaries, imagining the Manson family on social media, and how to say no to cult-life.

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Somebody did Hitler on Tinder, but I think Manson on Tinder would be much, much better. Some people would swipe right. They’d be like, yeah, he seems deep. I’m into philosophy and acoustic guitars.

child of satan


Candace Opper and Sarah Marshall met in the MFA creative writing program at Portland State. They share a love of slasher films, George C. Scott, conspiracy theory, Stephen King, VCRs, air-popped popcorn, Jurassic Park, and discussing over coffee their obsessions with suicide and serial killers, respectively.


All music for Late Night Love Affair courtesy of the very talented Josh Bleeks, who you won’t find on the internet. Josh lives in Chicago where he writes and records music, and edits audio for Late Night Library.

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